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About offers Canadians from coast to coast a host of news and information – from breaking news in their community to deep engaging content that puts complex world issues in perspective. Our 21 local newsrooms provide up-to-the-minute community-based news, weather and information, while our national coverage features stories, analysis and deep, engaging content about issues in Canada and abroad.

We leverage the strength of Corus Entertainment, Inc.?– to tell our stories in ways that make a difference: through video, text, photographs and interactive features. And we deliver those stories to Canadians wherever and whenever they want: through the web, mobile devices, email alerts, RSS feeds, and the world of social media.

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Kenton Boston, VP National and Network News

Chris Bassett, National Director of Content and Editorial Standards

Keith Robinson?—?Director, Digital Products

BREAKING 7072彩票开户

James Armstrong7072彩票开户?—?Managing Editor, Breaking News and Investigative

Brian McKechnie — Ontario Online Manager

Tania Kohut — Supervisor, National Online Breaking News

Kerri Breen – Weekend/Evening Supervisor, National Online Breaking News

Amanda Connolly – National Online Journalist, Politics Breaking News

Katie Dangerfield7072彩票开户 – National Online Journalist, Breaking News

Maham Abedi7072彩票开户 – National Online Journalist, Breaking News

Rebecca Joseph7072彩票开户?— National Online Journalist, Breaking News

Rachael D’Amore – National Online Journalist, Breaking News

7072彩票开户David Lao, National Online Journalist, Breaking News

Jessica Vomiero?— National Online Journalist, Breaking News

Jesse Ferreras – Online Producer

7072彩票开户 FEATURES

Dawn Cuthbertson?— National Managing Editor, Features

Erica Alini7072彩票开户?— National Online Journalist, Money/Consumer

Leslie Young?— Senior National Online Journalist, Health

Jane Gerster — National Online Journalist, Features


James Armstrong7072彩票开户?—?Managing Editor, Breaking News and Investigative

Stewart Bell – Senior National Online Journalist, Investigative

Patrick Cain7072彩票开户?— National Online Journalist, Investigative

Andrew Russell — National Online Journalist,?Investigative

Sam Cooper – National Online Journalist, Investigative

Brian Hill7072彩票开户 – Writer/Researcher, Investigative


Sarah Kelsey — National Manager, Smart Living & Entertainment

Chris Jancelewicz7072彩票开户 — National Online Supervising Editor, Entertainment

Katie Scott — National Online Journalist, Entertainment

Adam Wallis — National Online Journalist, Entertainment

Arti Patel7072彩票开户 — National Online Supervising Editor, Lifestyle

Laura Hensley — National Online Journalist, Lifestyle

Meghan Collie7072彩票开户 — National Online Journalist, Lifestyle

Josh K. Elliott7072彩票开户 — Senior National Online Journalist, Viral/Trends

Meaghan Wray7072彩票开户 — National Online Journalist, Viral/Trends

Olivia Bowden — National Online Journalist, Lifestyle


Kevin Buffitt — Director, Video Strategy

Elton Hobson7072彩票开户 — National Managing Editor, Online Video

Grant Mcdonald7072彩票开户 — National Managing Editor, Original Content, Online Video

Brent Rose7072彩票开户?—?Supervising Producer, Original Video Content Production and Workflow

Alex Maveal — Supervising Producer, Video Content Syndication and Partnerships

John Hadden7072彩票开户?—?Online Video Producer

Alley Wilson — Online Video Producer

Sean Previl7072彩票开户 – Online Video Producer

Steve Autio — Online Video Producer

Alyssa Julie – Online Video Producer

Elizabeth Palmieri7072彩票开户 – Online Video Producer

Emanuela Campanella — Multimedia Producer

Aalia Adam – Multimedia Producer

Jasmine Pazzano – Multimedia Producer


Shauna Rempel7072彩票开户 — Managing Editor, Social Media and Distribution

Lacy Atalick 7072彩票开户— National Online Journalist, Social Media

Eric Mark Do7072彩票开户 — National Online Journalist, Social Media

Mollie Brown — Social Media Co-ordinator

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For contact and staff information at one of our 12 local stations, click on the links below.

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